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At Clear Lake Women’s Center, we are pleased to offer a full range of gynecology procedures for women in Webster, Texas. Whether you’re experiencing health issues such as incontinence or heavy periods, or you require treatment for conditions including abnormal cervical tissue, uterine fibroids, or chronic pelvic pain, Dr. Nagamani Rao is an experienced and caring gynecologist and gynecologic surgeon who will make sure you’re well-informed before, during, and after each and every gynecologic procedure.

Clear Lake Women’s Center performs a number of gynecology procedures within our office, such as:

We also perform gynecologic surgeries in the hospital, including:

Inpatient Surgeries:

  • Laparotomy, traditional surgery using an incision through your abdominal wall, often used to look at or operate on the uterus, ovarian tubes, and ovaries
  • Hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus

Outpatient Surgeries:

  • Diagnostic laparoscopy, minimally invasive surgery using small incisions through which a miniature tube called a laparoscope is inserted, with a small video camera on the end to help the doctor see images during the surgery
  • Dilation and curettage (D&C), used to obtain tissue samples to diagnose a condition, treat irregular or heavy bleeding, or remove fetal and placental tissue following a miscarriage
  • Laparoscopic tubal ligation, a minimally invasive procedure to prevent pregnancy

No matter what type of gynecologic procedure you require, we can meet your healthcare needs at Clear Lake Women’s Center in Webster, Texas. To discuss our gynecology procedures and surgeries or to make an appointment with board-certified gynecologist Dr. Nagamani Rao, call our office today at (281) 332-3800 or request an appointment online.